Trip Highlights from Carol….

Carol03I went to Kenya with a heart for widows and I met some incredible women there who are widows like me.  The first night in the village, though, I met Delta’s Kenyan daughters and they stole a piece of my heart.  These young ladies are aged-out orphans who are able to continue their education through The Take Heart Project.  I have never met any finer young women. When Delta walked into the house that first night it seemed to come to life.  These girls have an incredible work ethic–rising at 4:30 a.m. to study; anticipating chores before anyone asks for their help.  We had a schedule to clean up after meals. When it was my turn the girls I was scheduled to work with said they could handle it without me.  When I  said I wanted to help they would let me help for a short time and then they would tell me to sit down and rest.  When we were out walking on the dirt roads one of the girls would come up next to me and take my arm to make sure I kept my footing.

Carol2 I hope the memories I have of my trip to Kenya stay with me for  the rest of my life.  My favorite memories are the ones of the absolutely wonderful people I met there……

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