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A Journey of Hope

Radical encounters require a radical response.

In October of 2012, Delta Ryan took her first trip to Kenya. While she was there, she stayed in an orphanage of older girls. One night during their stay, a young widow in the community who was the mother of 5 children hung herself. The next day, Delta visited the widow’s home and witnessed the poverty, plight and despair that had driven this woman to take her own life. Beyond this, she was exposed to a greater systemic problem all together. Orphaned girls and boys between the ages of 13-20 often become “aged out” from support and subject to human trafficking, abuse and cyclical poverty. Delta was so moved by these encounters that she could no longer overlook this injustice and began to take action. After working 22 years as a physician assistant at Lakeland Regional Medical Hospital, Delta resigned from her job, left everything and decided to make a radical change one life at a time. She now serves as the founder and president sharing the story of The Take Heart Project.

Education Sponsorships

Microfinance Loans

Fair Trade Sales

Our Vision

Together, we will transform the lives of orphans and widows in Kenya.

Our Mission

Awareness. Action.



Prevent human trafficking, child marriages, and crime by providing aged-out orphans with educational opportunities and safe living conditions


Provide widows with the microfinance loans, small business opportunities and access to the healthcare and clean water needed to provide for their families

Fair Trade

Promote and expand fair trade by networking with global artisans in order to provide sustainable income opportunities allowing them to impact their local communities

Our Values

Hope. Relationships. Truth. Unconditional Love. Impact.


We bring hope by offering opportunities, meeting basic needs and overcoming despair to believe there is a future.


We invest in people through mutually beneficial mentorship and discipleship reflecting Christ’s example.


We expose darkness, oppression and injustice through the gospel message to give real value and meaning to daily life.

Unconditional Love

We run to people in their brokenness and pursue their vulnerability.


We seek to affirm dignity, build capacity and make a tangible difference internally, externally and eternally.

Our Students

We have 70 students on academic scholarship.

Educational sponsorships are one of the very best ways to support aged-out orphans in Kenya in a way that changes the course of their future. Contact us to learn more.

Learn more about a few of the students we are currently sponsoring.

2020 Leading Edge Take Heart 5k

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Fair Trade works toward a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfill their potential and decide on their future.