Education Campaign – Join Us!

by | Sep 5, 2017

EducationCampaign_FinalWe are launching our 4th education fundraising campaign and we hope you’ll join us. We’re looking for 100 people to give $100 in 100 hours for education (September 6 @ 4pm – September 10 @ 8pm).

Experts around the world believe that education will be a vital component in the eradication of poverty. We agree, which is why we are so passionate about providing educational opportunities for orphaned girls in rural Kenya.

We strive to help orphans between the ages of 13-25 when they are most susceptible to child marriage, sex trafficking, and choosing a life of crime. The 100 Campaign will focus on raising funds to provide for their educational and living expenses while in high school, university and/or trade school. Having access to an education is a privilege we all take for granted, but one that most in the 3rd world do not have. According to Unicef, less than 40% of youth in Kenya ever attend high school. As America returns to school, we hope that you will partner with us to provide educational funds for those less fortunate in Kenya.

In Kenya, most schools are boarding schools, fashioned after Kenya’s British colonization. The tradition of boarding school continued after Kenya gained their independence during the 1960’s.

Boarding school provides safe housing, daily meals, and stability to the students that they would not normally receive while living in the villages. They must provide fees for boarding and meals. In addition, there are fees needed for books, uniforms and supplies. Take Heart has chosen to support these youth during high school and then continue to support them as they make the transition from high school to adulthood. This can be the most critical period of time. With a 60% unemployment rate, having a high school diploma is simply not enough to ensure success in Kenya. Giving the youth the option of attending a university or trade schools can provide them with the skills needed to be self-sustaining. The stories from Kenya are heartbreaking stories of poverty but with your help, we can turn these stories into ones of hope, expectation for a promising future, and a chance to shine the love of Jesus to those in need.

Take Heart is a group of women who desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of the widowed and orphaned in Kenya. Our desire is to see their lives transformed, their desperation replaced with hope, and their plight exchanged for blessing.

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