April Trip

We leave soon for Kenya with an all ladies group – 8 of us actually. To say we are excited would be an understatement. Here are a few of the things we’ll be focusing on while we’re there:

1. The day after we land, we will begin meeting with artisan groups and purchasing fair trade goods to bring back and sell here. As you can imagine, the market for products is much greater in the US than it is in Kenya. We are thrilled to have a way to fund our work, while providing these artisans with sustainable income opportunities.

2. We are super excited to spend time in the village with the girls we have in boarding school, plus Delta’s African son Pius – I’m sure others will be added as we go along. We will be laughing, living, eating, doing dishes, and washing clothes with them – we will look over the grades and discover what additional needs they have. We will pray and read and paint toe nails and do all of the things that we do with our children here.

3. Resurrection Sunday is going to be tremendously memorable this year. We will be attending a church service in the village – then we will provide the villagers with a feast of rice and beans.

We appreciate your prayers and support~

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