Thoughts on Kenya…from Allison

Africa, just saying that word brings back so many memories. I had always wanted to go to Africa since I was younger and I would of never imagined that I would actually step onto African soil. I was so excited just to be there and say that I was there but I would of never expected to see and do what i did. When I met the girls for the first time they were shy but it didn’t take long until we were playing jokes and having fun. These girls taught me so much not only about myself but about life itself. They taught me that by having nothing you have everything. You don’t need all the money and toys to be happy just having each other is enough. One thing I will never forget was when the girls asked me to sleep out with them and of course I was like oh yeah we stayed up so late just talking and the girls were playing with my hair and one girls (Flora) looked at me and said have you ever shaved your head, I stopped and said no I haven’t, the girls couldn’t believe me and thats when I knew how blessed I was. I mean to me it was just hair I never thought of it as any more than that but when they asked me that I looked at them and it finally hit me that they don’t have hair like me because they don’t have the money to take care of it. I got the chance to play soccer with them and it was so much fun I will never forget these girls they have a special place in my heart and have left footprints on my heart that can never be taken away.


One other memory that I will never forget was on sunday when we were at the church there was a little boy all by himself sitting outside just sitting there, he wouldn’t take to anyone or even give a simple high five. We tried everything possible. I was staring by a tree just letting the kids give me a high-five when all of a sudden this little boy stood up in his dirty ripped clothes and snot running down his face, he came over to me and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. He started giving me high-fives and he just walked around with me. I turned around for a second to say hello to another kid and when I turned back around he was gone. These kids are my life and I love them so much. I can’t wait to go back again and see those precious faces. I left my heart in Africa, I left it with the people on the side of the road the girls I got to spend the week with that little boy who smiled at me. Africa will always be a part of me. Having nothing is having everything in the eyes of Jesus when you have people who love you.

– Allison

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