The Village Store is Complete

by | Mar 17, 2014

The Take Heart Project, in partnership with numerous private donors, has completed construction of a “store” in the village. This will enable the women to sell food items and other goods without having to make the 7 mile walk to Migori daily – this is how sustainable income is provided. Now that the building is complete, we need to stock the store once so that they can have revenue to keep the store running. If you’d like to make a donation toward this goal, please let us know!

In addition to monetary donations, we could use the following items:

1. women’s skirts & men’s polo shirts

2. baby blankets

3. sanitary napkins (so the girls can continue to go to school during their monthly cycle)

4. children’s books

Monetary donations will be used to purchase the following items:

1. cooking oil

2. flour

3. soap

4. sugar

5. beverages

6. milk

7. body oil

9 .seed

10. agro-vets

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