Joyce’s Kenya Reflections

by | May 7, 2017

In April, of 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Kenya to experience “The Take Heart”  ministry.  It changed my life!  I was able to see, firsthand, the poverty and brokenness in the lives of the widows and their children.  On my visit to the slums and The Candlellight School, I heard the prayer requests for water and enough textbooks for all of the students, who are so eager to learn.  

As I visited the widows and their children who live in a one room mud hut, with only one mattress to share with several members of the family, I was humbled as I thought of the abundance I had waiting, for me, at home in the USA.  My heart broke, as I listened to the prayer requests from the girls with whom I had the pleasure to pray.  (“Pray for my eyes, I am having trouble seeing”  “Pray for my mother, that she will be happy”  “Pray that my sister will be able to go to school” “Pray for my guardian to have a better house to stay in”  “Pray to protect our family against our enemies”) Take Heart was able to provide glasses for a couple of the girls who needed them.  I saw the much-needed rain barrels that Take Heart has provided through sponsors who make donations to the ministry, and got to meet the girls who are able to get an education because of Take Heart.

The poverty and living conditions are so unexplainable.  Only because I was able to actually witness the needs, do I now know and understand why Delta knew, four years ago, that God was calling her to start “Take Heart”!

I will never be the same!  Upon arriving home, I, and another friend, who, also took the trip, knew we had to help.  So, we are now sponsoring two children so they can get an education and provided a rain barrel for their widowed mother.  

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required”  Luke 12:48b

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