“Happy Birthday” Fundraiser

Two very special girls are turning 4 on March 4 and we have a great way to help them celebrate. Kenzy and Kacey are in the process of being adopted, and their family is raising funds to cover the legal and travel expenses to get them to the US from Kenya. Take Heart, in partnership with Chick-fil-A, is hosting a “Happy Birthday” fundraiser. Stop by Chick-fil-A and mention “Delta Ryan’s Birthday” on March 4 between 5-8 PM and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Kenzy & Kacey’s adoption fund. Learn more about their incredible adoption story below:


On June 23, 2011 two twin girls who were only 15 months old were dropped off at the home of Robin and Cary Nail who were living in Kenya. They were very sick and had severe malnutrition. At 15 months old, one weighed 4 pounds and the other 8. After around the clock medical care for over a month, they both survived. During this time they found out that their mother had died and there father’s identity was unknown.  When the girls were well enough, they tried to return them to their grandmother but because of their culture, the girl’s family felt like they were cursed and therefore they would not take them back. Over the past 2 and 1/2 year Robin and Cary have raised these precious girls as their own. Robin sacrificed her life, family, and career in the US to live in Kenya with her twin daughters. It has taken many, many court dates and meetings to attempt to legally adopt these girls.  Cary has gone back and forth to the US to work and raise money to hopefully bring his family back home one day soon. It appears that the day this happens may be in the very near future.  Unfortunately, as with any legal matter, there is an incredible expense that occurs. Our goal is to get this family reunited in the United States and that these daughters, who they’ve adopted in their hearts almost 3 years ago, will finally be legally their own.

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