Meet Caroline…by Pastor Joshua

These are the names of Caroline’s children from the older to the little girl.

1. Tony Otieno……..12 yrs.

2. Verah  Adhiambo…..11 yrs.

3. Mark  Otieno………..10 yrs.

4. Austin  Obama………8 yrs.

5. Mitchel Achieng…..5 yrs


Caroline’s husband died in the year 2010. It was after long illness and he was just lying sick at home due to the fact that the family couldn’t afford a hospital bill to take him to the hospital. It’s sad that many people take advantage to the widows pretending to help them then after they conceive they disappear and leave them with a big burden, as per her case she has not even attended a prenatal clinic.

Caroline said that we can till her land that the husband left to her and plant for her crops and she can also do business of selling food stuff to the local community as this the kind of trade she is doing a little bit to support her family.and also was requesting for a kitchen so her children can get enough space for sleeping without smoke as the house is small.

The widow Caroline is living 200 meters away from the Church. And the most exciting part of the story is that when we were doing door to door evangelism the husband accepted Jesus and told his wife to attend the church and after two days passed away.

On Sunday too I told the church members about micro-finance venture and they were excited and were ready to give their names and supported the idea and were  happy of your love towards them.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Joshua

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