Our Mission & Purpose

Giving – For women, by women….

The Take Heart Project is a group of women who are striving to bring hope to orphans and widows around the world. Donated funds will provide housing, education, job training, and medical care to women and young teenage girls and will aid in the prevention of these women and girls falling victim to human trafficking, disease, and poverty. Individual donations will go straight to the village, as our administrative expenses are covered by the sale of our fair trade goods. Our mission is three fold:

1. Caring for aged-out female orphans – Most orphans age out between 16-18 and are put out on the streets. Take Heart will protect them and be their “mother” until they have acquired a trade, or if they desire, we will assist them receiving higher education. We will provide housing, food, and basic medical care as they transition into adulthood. Once these orphans are able to support themselves, our prayer is that they will not have to succumb to prostitution and human trafficking.

2. Caring for widows and their children – Upon the death of a husband, most women in third-world countries have little to no rights. Take Heart will help these women find a trade so they can support themselves and their families. We will provide the funds needed for the children to attend school and pay for their medical expenses. Our goal is to lift some of the despair these women feel. We want to give these widows hope so they can raise their children and not succumb to suicide or selling their children into human trafficking.

3. To raise awareness in American women – Take Heart is a ministry made up of women who can no longer sit idly by while our sisters are being emotionally and physically abused. Our goal is to share the stories of these persecuted women and children. We believe once our sisters know the oppressed situations these women are facing, they too will want to help. Our prayer is that as we help others in their time of distress, women in America will not fall victim to the corruption of this world and its excessive materialism.


Expenses – The fair trade model….

Our administrative and operational expenses are covered by our weekly shows and the sale of our fair trade items. These shows¬†are held in the homes of friends, family, volunteers, and anyone else willing to listen and open their home. After a presentation on what life is like for a woman in Kenya, and the mission of Take Heart, a time for purchasing fair trade items is given. If you’d like to learn more about what “fair trade” means, click here.